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  The glorious history of steam locomotive production

   During 1954-1988, as a production enterprise of the biggest railway steam locomotive in Asian, the company totally has produced all kinds of steam locomotives of 5571 sets, scattered 116 depots of 12 Railway Bureau in the nation, which has born about 70 percent freight volume in China railway and has made great economic contribution to railway transportation and national economic construction.

Diesel locomotive manufacturing

   In 1986,we successfully began to manufacture diesel locomotive, DF4B type and 4C type. By the end of 1999,the total number of diesel locomotives made by us was 619 sets.

   With the consideration of grander market need, we have independently developed DT20 type diesel shunting locomotives.

Electric locomotive manufacturing

   In 1990,we began to manufacture electric locomotives, since 1990, we had ever experienced the stage of manufacturing diesel and electric locomotives simultaneously.

   SS7 type electric locomotive developed by us independently in 1992 applies 3Bo bogie and shell-type transformer for the first time, which has made our company become the only enterprise possessing such technology in China and has filled one blank in domestic technology of electric locomotives. The product has won the first prize for science & technology progress in MOR and the second prize for national technology progress, and therefore become the main locomotives for both freight and passenger transportation on Nanning-kunming line.

  The SS7C type has resulted from the great creation based on the mature technology of SS7 type locomotives, and the SS7D type is made with the patent technology of independent ventilation. They both have become the main locomotives in the third and fourth railway speed-raising activities in succession. They both have made great contribution to the speed-raising activity on Longhai line and played an active role in the large-scale development in west China. As a consequence, the SS7D passenger electric locomotive has won the excellent project prize for national technology creation in the ninth Five-year Plan and the second prize for science and technology progress in MOR.

    In 2001, the self researched and developed SS7E passenger electric locomotive with the speed of 170 km/h first applied auxiliary inverter technology in China to realize the highest equipment of AC-DC transmission electric locomotive produced by China. The test model is warmly welcomed by customers and is highly praised by experts due to its good property in the process of operating test which the test distance is 200,000 kilometers.

    In October 2002, SS7E passenger electric locomotives passed the science and technology appraisal of Ministry of Railway and can be manufactured in lots. The company obtained 45 sets of locomotive order from Ministry of Railway in the first year of 2003. The company spent two years on from design to production in lots and created a miracle in the history of railway development.

    To realize the development of leaping,the company  researched modular SS7E electric locomotives in 2003 according to the requirement of locomotive rolling stock equipment “standardization, serialization, modularization, information”. The locomotive became traction power locomotive with the most advanced equipment ,the most dependable property, the best appearance and the most economic investment  through the modular design.

    The development success of SS7 series locomotives has made our company possess a series of high-class products and key technology with independent intellectual rights, which has founded the dominant positions in the international field of AD transmission electric locomotives.

   in 2002,we developed the tenth Five-Year Plan high-tech project of technology industry- 270km/h “China Star”,and main scientific  research project of CNR, 200km/h “Tech Speed” AC transmission passenger electric locomotive,with light weight streamline car body, high speed bogie, distributed computer control  system, light weight transformer and AC transmission system and these advanced technology, which made forwarding  steps for the research and development of electric locomotive.

     Whole car body research from DC to AC transmission, from speed-increased to high speed, from common freight transport to heavy load transport, which realizes strategic leaping. 

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